About US - The David Flowers Memorial Fund

Inspired to Make A Difference in Remembrance of David Flowers

David Flowers valued God and people. His gift was striking a chord in the daily lives of those who were blessed to know him. He discovered pure love as a boy, an experience which transformed him and would be what drove him for the rest of his life.

He had the ability to love the unlovable and to take the time to listen and allow people to be heard. In return, his quiet confidence made it easy to listen to the help he offered.

He was known as a quiet leader, one who lead not with his voice, but by his example. His quietness was thoughtful and measured, a quiet not born of fear, but of a tender heart.

His love and quiet confidence made him a man who sincerely cared about people. He took an interest in them and sought to offer help in anyway that he could.

He was cloaked in peace and calmness, with an ability to emanate grace. In every area of his life these qualities shone from him, especially as he preached, where he shared his heart, love, and passion for God’s word.

David was creative and humorous and was deeply passionate about sports. Which showed in his love for creating games for the youth of his church and for community outreach.

David was a patient teacher, a wise leader, a good friend, and a loving husband and father. Those who had the honor of knowing him will never forget the impact he left on their lives.